SASMA | Make your world a safer place

Polish consulting and training company from the business security industry operating globally
Our tasks:

  1. We give customers an information advantage needed to secure their business in the world.

  2. We solve problems related to threats, with which the company can meet in the twenty-first century.

  3. We create, implement and manage business security systems.

As enthusiasts and business security industry forerunners in Poland we actively conduct promotional and educational actions, such as:

  1. SASMA BUSINESS SECURITY CONFERENCE - the largest, annual event in Central and Eastern Europe

  2. SASMA PICNIC- meeting for enthusiasts of security industry

  3. SASMA PORTAL - guide for the world of business security

  4. SASMA Publishing - first publication on the Polish market about business security topics in the XXI century

  5. Cooperation with universities.

Countries in which we conducted our projects: Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Grace, Luxembourg, Belarus, Croatia, Serbia, Moldova, UK, Slovakia , Hungary, Turkey, India.

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