Portal Archiwum 2010 Czerwiec

JUNE 2010 - SOUTH AFRICA 2010 FIFA World Cup - Security Assessment - Sebastian Blazkiewicz

FIFA World Cup is already finished, Spain is announced to be the best football team of the championships, but what do we actually know about a country that has hosted all football teams and their fans throughout the month? South Africa - Country which took a chance and organized the first international football championships on this continent, which millions of people watched on television. Surely we all recognize now perfectly sound of vuvuzela, but what else do we know about possible risks which might affect this year's championship?

JUNE 2010 - Corruption and international business in Russia - Dmitry Budanov

Corruption in the modern Russia, just as the vast majority of other matters and trends, has deep historical roots, which require some explanation.

JUNE 2010 - Encroachment of personality rights during a performance of duties – security check - Piotr Uchronski

Air transport becomes a more and more popular means of communications. Its first stage begins at an airport. Here, various procedures are conducted which are performed beyond travelers’ awareness and which are done in order to ensure a secure flight to the destination. Security is expected by each and every traveler and, in turn, ensuring security is a priority for managers of an airport and other authorities that perform their duties in the field of air security.

JUNE 2010 - Security evacuation from Kenya - International SOS

Hundreds have been killed and thousands displaced since the announcement of Mwai Kibaki's reelection as the President of Kenya. In the wake of the announcement, international observers cited irregularities on the vote count and supporters of his main challenger, Raila Odinga, launched large-scale protests at what they claim was massive electoral fraud. Once considered an island of stability in Africa, the country suffered what the media has termed a "shocking outbreak of violence" and "tribal clashes."

JUNE 2010 - Quality and safety management in food industry ... - Anna Avraham

Till recently, quality and safety of food were mainly treated as relative features. They were incorrectly defined since there was no possibility of their clear and correct quantitative description. Buyers associated these two features with well known brands or mostly (typically unfairly) with a high price on a label. Still, many producers believe that excessive inspection and final screening will eliminate all defects. Others have accepted the fact that apparently good products may have defects and will be returned to the producer.


Aggressive mental stand is a practical process of thought and thinking which is learnable and detached from fear, and which because of that leads through to clear performance improvement in a way of higher physical abilities and of course mental abilities.

JUNE 2010 - Load Integrity & Security Provides Clean Bill of Health - Novacom Europe & GE & EuroWatch & MAPLE

The distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare goods are among the most highly scrutinised and strictly controlled in the logistics industry. Enforced through strict EU guidelines and regulatory requirements any operators involved with the production, storage and delivery of medicinal products, making it imperative that the end to end supply chain is tightly controlled and monitored.