Portal Archiwum 2010 Kwiecień

APRIL 2010 - The Black Widows - Yechiel Barazany

Recent terror attacks carried out by women suicide bombers in Russia have been a painful reminder that Moscow, like other capitals around the world, is not immune to this type of horrific act of terrorism.

APRIL 2010 - HOTELS IN RUSSIA - general overview of the recent trends and key security aspects - Dmitry Budanov

Due to economy recession, the number of foreign visitors who came to Russia in 2009 has significantly decreased. Thus, for example, according to official data, during 9 months of 2009, 2,600,000 foreigners visited Moscow, which is 15% less than for the same period of 2008.

APRIL 2010 - Business security – 10 golden rules of safe negotiations - Anna Avraham

Above mentioned elements, played out and balanced by a wise negotiator, bring negotiation solutions which provide both parties with satisfaction, help reach compromise, calm the tense situation or vice versa… stoke fire, but in such a way that the fire would be controlled and solid foundations would be seen in the ashes.

APRIL 2010 - International counter measures against piracy - Marek Sajdak

In previous issue of SASMA portal I took a look on piracy phenomenon, its genesis, history and significance. In recent issue I would like to present counter measures that were taken to fight this threat on international level.

APRIL 2010 - Security and usability: a look for a golden middle - Miroslav Lucinskij

We often hear the opinion that in order to secure something one must complete these long and complex processes and that from the point of usability the end result will be an uncomfortable environment for the user. Most of the books and papers about security tell you that you need a balanced approach between usability and security to create a workable security level in a company. We can only agree with that, because to this day no one has managed to create a method to completely secure all of the systems and leave them usable.

APRIL 2010 - The Haiti earthquake - a case study - International SOS

The Haiti earthquake on January 12, 2010 posed unique challenges for organizations with a presence in the country, and for those providing aid and media updates following the natural disaster.

APRIL 2010 - COMBAT BODYGUARD FIGHTING - prof. Gordan Krajacic

Under system called Combat Self Defense there is in existence one of many special divisions of combat systems devised for exact profile of professionals. In this article I will present one of those special systems, that is Combat Bodyguards Fighting. Today’s modern bodyguards are very well equipped with all technological means and devices, sophisticated weapons that are lethal or non lethal, protective equipment that can save their lives and lives of guarded VIP-s. There is lots of help with technology and by technology.