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JULY 2010 - A few words after the conference ... - Sebastian Błażkiewicz

Year after year this conference develops and we develop together with it. This means that we can draw first conclusions and consider what direction to choose.

JULY 2010 - Reform of The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia - Michael Cheremisinov

The Law On the police, which has recently become available to public discussions in Russia, did not come as a surprise. It does not provide for any serious, truly radical changes, while many experts even labelled a twin brother of the effective Law On the militia. In order to get a clear idea about it, we have to carefully examine this new law and check what changes it might bring.

JULY 2010 - CASH PROCESSING - Sebastian Błażkiewicz in cooperation with SERVO Company

Each and every day thousands of people use ATMs; this activity has already become so popular around the World that nobody thinks over how the process of ensuring the continuity of ATM chain operation looks like.

JULY 2010 - WEB application security - Miroslav Lucinskij

Today IT world is full of threats to computers and their networks. Everyday more and more attacks are executed not only against computer users, but also against businesses and organizations. Criminals are getting used to the idea that digital world is a nice place to commit crime: there are a lot insecure systems around, there is a small chance of getting caught due to existing anonymity of the internet and what is most important – the internet is full of data and valuable information, which by itself has value - if not to the criminal then to the rivals of the company from which data is stolen.

JULY 2010 - Evacuation from Guinea - International SOS

In December 2008 Captain Moussa Dadis Camara seized power in a military coup d’état, following the death of long-time President Lasana Conté. As the head of the CNDD (National Council for Democracy and Development), Camara had stated that his group would oversee the country’s return to democracy. He had also indicated that he had no interest in running for president.

JULY 2010 - Active monitoring of car transport in the 21st century - Monika Burzyńska

Dynamic technology development and telecommunications solutions led in consequence for using integrated systems to the wide scale in the industry of the transport, the freight forwarding and the logistics.

JULY 2010 - Open Source Intelligence - what is it? - Marek Sajdak

It is hard to overestimate a role of information in recent world. On every step we hear that information has become a trading good, a good that is some areas of business is necessary.

JULY 2010 - MENTAL POWER MANAGEMENT 3 - Control of FEAR and PAIN - prof. Gordan Krajacic

Efficiency of fighting in the ISF system comes out of the fact that we are trying very much to understand our feelings, emotions and mental states during stressful situations. After understanding them, we are trying to accept them in the exact state of their origin. The main secret of understanding is that you should never, never, never fight against your feelings.