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This document was assembled from consultations with business security professionals, local law enforcement officials and foreigners who have visited, lived and worked in Russia and a review of current security bulletins in print for the region. The scope of this briefing includes relevant and significant safety and security related incidents that visitors to Russia’s major cities would most likely encounter or should be aware of.

FEBRUARY 2010 - Jakarta hotel bombings - a case study - International SOS

On July 17 at 7:45 AM, suicide bombers detonated explosives in two hotels in Jakarta's tenth terrorist attack since 2000. In the Kuningan business district, bombs were set off 10 minutes apart at the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels. As a group of expatriates attended a weekly scheduled breakfast meeting at one of the hotels, a bomb exploded. Minutes later, a second bomb was detonated at the other hotel 200 meters away.


We would like to present you a new exciting method of self defense that can save your life, regardless of your age, gender, height, build or experience. This is Combat Self Defense System took the beginning of fierce Croatian Warriors ideas. Combat Self Defense is now applicable world wide through unique Combat Seminars Systems Company, led by Gordan Krajacic.

FEBRUARY 2010 - Adopting an Israeli Approach to Airport Security - Yechiel Barazany

In the ongoing debate over airport security following Northwest Airline Flight 253, world aviation security experts are showing an interest in adopting Israel's approach to airline safety and security which many consider as racial - but extremely effective.

FEBRUARY 2010 - Food safety management from the practical – managerial perspective. - Anna Avraham

Food safety management from the practical – managerial perspective. How to create brand through safety and quality of a product and a company: KAIZEN.

FEBRUARY 2010 - Predictive validity of Midot’s test under the academic supervision of Derby University - Itai Horowitz

One of the main challenges in the modern industrial world is to predict employees’ behaviors. Typically, the manager is responsible for assessing which applicants are right for a certain job. A good assessment can be a complex process including an evaluation of personality, abilities, experience, education and various skills and individual aspects, in addition to the formal job requirements.

FEBRUARY 2010 - How much can cost us winter weather? - LRQA - Maciej Liszko

Looking through the window at the beautiful winter weather and reading news reports related to it, some questions might come to our mind not always connected with winter holidays. What happens if we have no access to our company office for some time, if there is a lack of energy supply, if our manufacturing halls are flooded or 70% of our employees have flu or our key suppliers withhold their business for some time?

FEBRUARY 2010 - The socio-economic nature of cargo crime - GE & EuroWatch

Traditionally, “Threat” has been defined as the combination of intent and capability on the part of whichever group or individual was being assessed. Without either of these two items, the threat itself cannot exist from that direction. This has proven to be the case in almost every security related field and is still used as the baseline for creating security procedures and countermeasures.

FEBRUARY 2010 - ISO 28000 - why is it worthwhile implementing? - Monika Burzyńska

About assumptions and requirements of the norm ISO/PAS 28000 had already written Mr Leszek Sitkowski from LRQA in the January edition of our portal. The article of his authorship not only introduced us to the fundamental assumptions of the one relatively new on the market of the norm but also framed essential requirements in the security management system.

FEBRUARY 2010 - ACCOUNT OF LIBERIA FROM 1989/1999 CIVIL WAR TILL 2008 - Moseray Momoh

In the late 1989, the First Liberian Civil War began. The harsh dictatorial atmosphere that gripped the country was due largely to Samuel Doe's rule. Americo-Liberian, Charles Taylor, with the backing of neighboring countries such as Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast, entered Nimba County with around 100 men. These fighters quickly gained control of much of the country, thanks to strong support from the local population who were disillusioned with their then government.