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MAY 2010 - Securex from a perspective of a ‘non-safety catch’, that is the only event of this kind in Poland, yet - Ilona Sobul

This year, annual fair SECUREX took place in Poznań for the18th time . For years, the Fair absorbs attention of ‘safety catches’ and, honestly speaking, it is the only initiative in Poland that gives an opportunity, on the one hand, for exhibitors to present their products and, on the other hand, for gathering of people connected with the security branch who seek possibilities to meet each other and watch new solutions.

MAY 2010 - The Nuclear Security Summit - Yechiel Barazany

On April 5th 2009 during a trip to Prague, President Obama signed a new arms control treaty with Russia and declared that nuclear terrorism is “the most immediate and extreme threat to global security”. Later in his speech at the Nuclear Security Summit which convened in Washington, the President said that “the risk of a nuclear confrontation between nations has gone down, but the risk of nuclear attack has gone up." There is no doubt that the unique destructive power of nuclear weapons justifies the President's concerns. But is it really the most imminent threat, or is it a risk to his credibility?

MAY 2010 - Procedures for treatment of corpses after natural disasters, traffic accidents or epidemics - Anna Avraham

In the light of the recent event that afflicted our Country, I decided to write an article that has two aims: the first one - to promote proper and dignified treatment of corpses, the second one – to maximise procedures of their identification and to impress how serious and sensitive issue it is on a reader.

MAY 2010 - Information Security - the weakest link - GE & EuroWatch & MAPLE

Increasingly, criminals are using more sophisticated methods to target and steal goods from trucks. To counter this, security companies and Logistics groups are developing better methods to protect the assets they are responsible for. Door locks, tracking systems, electric fences, surveillance cameras and manned guarding have all had an impact on the protection of drivers, vehicles, premises and cargo. Unfortunately there continues to be one area of security that is woefully overlooked and is being exploited time and again by criminals throughout Europe – information security.

MAY 2010 - Key security aspects of international banking in Russia- Dmitry Budanov

Banking security accumulated practically everything that you can find in every other industry in the market: all classical “universal” security management tasks from risk and threat assessments to incident response and executive protection; a lot of intelligence and analysis; sophisticated technical security solutions; high-tech and foremost technology; complex protection of networks from e-Crime; investigations of frauds and wrongdoings of all possible kinds; fighting the counterfeit production; daily interaction with law enforcement agencies; thousands of people to look after.

MAY 2010 - Medical evacuation from Angola - International SOS

International SOS Johannesburg coordinates the medical evacuation of a 25 year old Togolese football player from Cabinda in Angola following a terrorist attack on the Togo team bus on the eve of the Africa Cup of Nations.

MAY 2010 - Bombing of USS Cole – 10 years after - Marek Sajdak

Its been 10 years since US destroyer USS Cole was targeted in Yemeni port of Aden. I believe it is a good time to take another look at this attack because it was only incident when US asset was attacked by terrorists in maritime environment.


Combat Seminars Psychological Management is the core of our system of training, exercising and self defense. It is imputed in every single move we make in our system. CSS MPM is all about how to change ourselves from non action – passive person in to the action person – active person, it is about how to become resistant to fear, verbal attacks, adrenalin dumps and effect on body and mind and how to become a winner and survivor of conflict and dangerous situations.

MAY 2010 - Vietnam - the 7th Tiger with bigger aspirations - SASMA ASIA TEAM

Socialistic Republic of Vietnam is a country with almost 87 million population. For many, it is still associated with green rice fields, on which echoes of American-Vietnamese War still sound. Surely, not many people realise that Vietnam is a World leader in clothing and textiles production. Moreover, this country is a producer of TV sets, motors, cars and household equipment.