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MARCH 2010 - Financial crimes: practice of prevention, investigation and migration of consequences - Sebastian Błażkiewicz

Good morning – as I promised in the February edition, I would like to say a few words about a conference which took place at the end of February in Vilnius. The topic and theme of this conference was the broad topic of financial crimes. Every week or every month we can hear in the radio or watch in the TV news about serious problems of a company or a country with financial crimes.

MARCH 2010 - Piracy a long ago and today - the genesis, the size of the phenomenon and its significance - Marek Sajdak

Global economy in whole, as well as economies of majority of countries, which are creating that wholeness are dependable on maritime environment. The times of self-sufficiency of even major economical powers are long gone. At present to be able to compete on global markets companies need to buy the cheapest materials, employ the cheapest work force and the most expensive advertisement and marketing experts.

MARCH 2010 - Intruder Detection – Keeping an eye on your property - Steve Mooney

The first video home security system was patented (patent #3,482,037) on December 2, 1969 to inventor Marie Brown. This basic system was designed to use television surveillance. Basic intruder alarms were available, to those who could afford them. Technology has come a long way since then and sophisticated technology solutions are becoming accessible to the every day consumer. Intruder alarms have progressed beyond a lone siren ringing unnoticed, dependant on wiring and phone lines, they are now being designed to suit the needs and demands of a busy, technologically literate consumer.

MARCH 2010 - A Bourne identity - Yechiel Barazany

The most important lesson we can learn from the events associated with the killing of senior Hamas, Mahmoud al – Mabhooh is that this type of modus operandi might be the last of its kind.


An old roman maxim says: ‘It is better to be first in the provinces than second in Rome.’ Since the last 6 years, people from China, Japan, America, Russia, Korea, Australia, and Thailand understood this maxim and invested in… Laos.

MARCH 2010 - An interview with Gordan Krajacic - Sebastian Błażkiewicz

An exclusive interview with Gordan Krajacic, prof. founder of Combat Seminars Systems and Combat Self Defense.

MARCH 2010 - Occupational Health & Safety. Russian scenarios - Vladislav Petrov

A System of Risk Assessment and Analysis mainly has theoretical applications. There is a state standard regulating the assessment system (with risk matrix). This standard is rarely enforced by state control authorities and, respectively, is rarely used in Russian industrial companies. In some industrial companies having a professional labor safety service the requirements of this standard are limited by having weekly (or monthly (!)) control patrolling of the unit’s territory and drawing up an emergency action plan for accident prevention.

MARCH 2010 - Intermodal shipping and telematic solutions - GE & EuroWatch & MAPLE

For those of us who are not completely familiar with the “in’s and out’s” of the logistics industry, Intermodal freight by definition is the transportation of freight using a container or vehicle, using multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship, and truck), without any handling of the actual freight itself when changing modes. The method reduces cargo handling, may reduce damages and loss, may allow freight to be transported faster and should improve security.

MARCH 2010 - Analysis and the route verification in terms of the logistic security requirements - Monika Burzynska

250 000 PLN was worth a lorry which an unknown perpetrators stole from the car park near Sikorskiego street in Suwalki. Police are seeking the Scania vehicle with the semitrailer loaded with furniture. It second in the recent time theft of the TIR lorry on the Suwalki region. Earlier other Scania truck evaporated from the car park in Augusto Source: HTTP://WWW.WSPOLCZESNA.PL/ www.wspolczesna.pl

MARCH 2010 - Riots as Makerere students are killed - Moseray Momoh

Police on Tuesday moved to disarm private security guards at Makerere University hostels after one of them shot and killed two students on Monday night. Ignatius Barasa Nyongesa, a third year Bachelor of Commerce student and his colleague Brian Amwoga, who was studying Law, were gunned down at their hostel, God Is Able, in Kikoni – the western neighbourhood of the main campus. The deceased were both Kenyans.