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JANUARY 2010 - SASMA International Business Security Portal - an Introduction - Sebastian Blazkiewicz

Beyond seven hills, beyond seven woods … here we can hasten the story a little and move on to the summary of its meritum. Once upon a time, there was a so called “safety catch” (should be read: a Security Manager or Supervisor, who, while working for an X Company, was responsible for business security) who was waiting for a VIP from SA (Security Agency).

JANUARY 2010 - ISO 28000 – Security Management for a Supply Chain - Leszek Sitkowski, LRQA

Most of companies, due to a globalisation of suppliers, depend, to a high degree, on a supply chain, and a continuity of their activities may be threatened if that supply chain will be discontinued. Simultaneously, a number of security violation incidents does not decrease and, according to accessible data, annual global losses arising during transportation are estimated to amount to 30-50 billion dollars.

JANUARY 2010 - A modern company. Business security management. The role of an external audit. - Anna Avraham

Due to a dynamic development, companies and various business organisations meet new challenges. Companies are expanding and administering huge funds. Some of them develop innovative products which presentation and being on the market will be, from the commercial and financial perspective, the aim and motive force of the company's development in the next few years.

JANUARY 2010 - GE and EuroWatch recover stolen trailers - GE & EuroWatch

On 3rd September 2009, GE notified EUROWATCH that a loan trailer had been illegally taken by a defaulting lessee. Enquiries led to the town of Agadair in Morocco where the vehicle was located. Although not an area the EUROWATCH regularly operates in, contact was established with local security partners and a response planned.

JANUARY 2010 - Security Supply Chain in the logistic system of the enterprise - Monika Burzynska

One of the fundamental assumptions of the correctly working and effective logistic system is not only providing with adequate resources in due time and in the appropriate place but also holding the security in the entire supply chain.

JANUARY 2010 - Mumbai terror attacks - a case study - International SOS

On Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 21:20 local time, Islamist extremists launched concurrent attacks on ten locations in Mumbai, paralyzing India’s financial capital and its largest city. The terrorists, after infiltrating the city using satellite technology and detailed interior maps of targets, opened fire on Mumbai’s busiest train station, a hospital, a popular café, a Jewish outreach center, and two five-star hotels.

JANUARY 2010 - Cooperation between security companies and police in Croatia - prof. Gordan Krajacic

In general cooperation between Security Companies and Police in Croatia is very good. I will not state here legal obligations of Security Companies toward the State Police, just a short introductory word: Police Force – the Ministry of the Interior is a governing and controlling body of every procedure and activity of Security Companies in Croatia.

JANUARY 2010 - Anti-counterfeiting support in Russia - ELITE Security

This is an updated brief overview of how the fight against counterfeit goods is addressed in Russia, providing the general assessment and perspectives pertaining to the matter in the light of Russia possibly joining WTO, initially presented last year at ASIS conference in Barcelona.

JANUARY 2010 - Country profile: Ivory Coast - Moseray Momoh

Once hailed as a model of stability, Ivory Coast has slipped into a kind of an internal strife that has plagued many African countries. An armed rebellion in 2002 split the nation into two. Since then, peace deals have alternated with renewed violence as the country has slowly edged its way towards a political resolution of the conflict.