Portal Archiwum 2010

AUGUST 2010 - What can we learn from the recent terror Plot to hit the United States? - Yechiel Barazany

Al-Qaeda’s recent attempt to carry out cross-border terrorism has yet again proved its determination to attack the West. For the last two - three months, Europe and the United States have maintained a high level of alert after a number of failed attempts to carry out attacks by Al-Qaida using European Muslims or Muslim converts trained and sent by the organization’s Overseas Operational Division based in Yemen and Pakistan.

AUGUST 2010 - Security environment in Poland - SASMA TEAM

I decided to air my view on ‘security world’ (quite specific service market) after a few years of observations on this branch of our economic life. My considerations are an effect of a long-term work in ‘public’ security (former Government Protection Bureau officer) and, after retiring, considerable experience stemming from work which aim is to increase personal security of owners of large companies.

AUGUST 2010 - “Professional” Bodyguard training - Global Protection Group

Personal Protection is both a privilege and a curse of the high and mighty of this world. Well-built men in suits and Oakley sunglasses, following their principals around like a shadow is nothing unusual in the biggest Polish cities. The dynamic economic development has led to the formation of a social group which is threatened due to their financial status.

AUGUST 2010 - Protection of personal data- Aleksander Sanin - Leta Group

At first, noteworthy to say that this article was written for reference only. Any names of the companies in it are given solely to convey the current situation, although subjective in many aspects, in the Russian ITS market with regards to the personal data protection issues to the reader rather than advertise or promote them.

AUGUST 2010 - Threat of cholera outbreak in Haiti - Anna Avraham

Cholera is a disease manifested by acute dysentery caused by an infection deriving from eating food and drinking water contaminated by bacteria Vibrio cholerae.

AUGUST 2010 - The most common mistakes of European and Asian business on the example of Middle-East Asia Countries - SASMA ASIA TEAM

Certainly, each of you have seen beautiful beaches, wonderful landscapes, marvellous hotels and restaurants in the media. Travel agencies from the whole World tempt us by offering unforgettable impressions. Many people from the whole World have visited Thailand and Vietnam or other countries from this region.


To reveal fear means that you have to understand what is happening in your mind and body right before, during and after dangerous situations and attacks on your life. When you realize that you will reveal all of your fears and get rid of them once for all.