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FEBRUARY 2011 - Suicide bombers. What motivates them to commit suicide?- Daniel Sharon, SSTS

What is involved in the preparation of a suicide attack from the planning to the execution of an attack? Nobody today is invulnerable from such threats as the times we live in are so complacent would be the correct term. “If we look at the decision to attack for example” We can ask ourselves “Why” Why would anyone want to carry out a suicide attack and kill, men, women, children?

FEBRUARY 2011 - Incident Report-Delta flight 086 New York to Tel-Aviv - Daniel Sharon, SSTS

Delta flight 86 to Tel Aviv took off without any special hitches, regarding delays etc, the only thing that was wrong that Delta security allowed on the plane, an estranged Palestinian/American woman, 36 years old that later on in the flight caused an incident that almost forced the pilot to decide to make an emergency landing(procedure), had she not been overpowered and restrained by one of the passengers, SWO retired Israeli Police, Daniel Sharon who identified her BPR(Body Language) signs of threatening behavior, even in the terminal before boarding the aircraft.

FEBRUARY 2011 - Risk awareness in conducting business. Why is it worth to implement risk management progamme? - Marcin Marczewski, Konrad Roziewski - SASMA TEAM

Let’s begin by saying that we cannot be 100% sure about everything. Linear model of time – the only natural one for the majority of people with clearly shown past, presence and future – makes us perceive the coming events as uncertain. Each aspect of human activity is related to uncertainty about results stemming from our activities - each aspect and especially business activity. Risk is very often defined as a measure of uncertainty in the scope of probability and results of occurrence. In some respects, it is a tool which allows us encounter uncertain future. Speaking about high risk, even in common language, we have in mind, above all, events that are highly probable or that may implicate serious consequences, both positive and negative.

FEBRUARY 2011 - Cargo crime – what’s the bigger picture? - TAPA EMEA

In December the TAPA EMEA IIS recorded 97 incidents, with an average loss value of 72,725 euro. The recorded incidents are classified as follows: 36 cargo crime incidents (including eight “Major Incidents”); 61 truck thefts (truck/trailer loss without cargo is not included in the analysis to facilitate an accurate view on the cargo crime incidents) The countries with the highest number of thefts were the United Kingdom, followed by Germany and Austria. This month, food and beverages, tobacco products and consumer electronics were the most targeted product categories. Most of the incidents were theft from vehicles and theft of vehicle.

FEBRUARY 2011 - About ‘donor’ and ‘recipients’ - SASMA TEAM

Market-driven economy which happily entrenched in our country is driver by one of the most basic rules of economy – rules of supply and demand. This situation is connected also to the security service market that I know very well. Speaking about this aspect we should realize which element of this existing and depending on each other relation appeared as a basis – ‘donors’ or ‘recipients’ of service in the branch of people and property security. There exists an old legend about the oldest professions in the World. At the beginning there were hunters, then farmers, and when an exchange of goods started to provide income there appeared prostitutes and politicians.

FEBRUARY 2011 - CCTV camera selection - Dave Johansen

I spent a lot of money, why can’t I see what I want? Familiar to you? Have you had this sort of complaint from a customer? Plenty of reasons contribute to this outcome. Primarily, it can usually be attributed to inadequate communication with your customer. The clear and effective transfer of ideas will help the goals define the product specs. It isn’t always like this. There are some customers that just never seem impressed by the views they get. Let’s concentrate on getting you the best chance for success in this article. Plenty of variables await the project manager who needs to solve video surveillance challenges. Lighting, physical obstacles, customer/client concerns, regulations, legal concerns, etc. Choices for CCTV cameras abound! There are so many models to choose from that the choice itself can be daunting. Don’t let it push you around! Take control with some knowledge that helps you make the correct choices