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MARCH 2011 - Incident Response - Michael Podszywalow

For many companies, the threat of attack from malicious worms, viruses and other cyber threats has become an everyday reality of conducting business. As companies have increasingly sought to find new ways of reducing costs and grow revenue, information systems and communications networks have become the foundation for greater operating efficiencies and e-business development. Organizations now have a higher degree of dependence on their Information Technology than ever before with any disruption potentially having adverse financial, operational, and reputational consequences. In a world of commerce that seeks to provide unparalleled accessibility to information, attackers increasingly appear to be able to gain access to sensitive company information and cause disruption to critical business systems.

MARCH 2011 - On interpersonal relations, mutual respect and loyalty. Part 1 - SASMA Team

Interpersonal relations are an essential element in all spheres of our life and they constitute the basis of a well working cooperation in every aspect. When discussing this broad subject, one should remember that there is no such thing as a specimen of interpersonal relations. Relations between people are dependent on numerous factors and they are governed by numerous rules. I'm talking here first of all about such elements as temperament, empathy, professional and social position, personal situation, addictions or rules of subordination. The quality and type of interpersonal relations which are built among people are influenced in a large extend by the duration time of those relationships and their intensity.

MARCH 2011 - Twin incidents? Milan and Glasgow Airports - 2011 and 2007.- Daniel Sharon, SSTS

Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy 22nd February, 2011, where a Tunisian Arab drove into the terminal entrance door apparently trying to prevent his wife from travelling. According to sources in Italy that this was the case! However whether or not to believe such a story. Looking at the scenario from an objective point of view, one would say that this was a case of total complacency on the part of Italian airport security as it was reported that the man attempted to resist arrest by stabbing a police officer. He was restrained and arrested.

MARCH 2011 - Attempted attack on Delta/NW 253 - lessons to be learned from the Xmas 2009- Daniel Sharon, SSTS

If there is one lesson we in the industry should take away from the events of the Christmas Holiday of 2009 involving Northwest Airlines Flight 253 it is that no matter how advanced the technical aspects of aviation security become, the true bottom line of aviation security remains the Human Factor.

MARCH 2011 - Arsenic. The past and the present. - Anna Avraham

On the 14th of January 1840, in the town of La Glandier in the French province, in a palace which wasn't actually palace, a wealthy man was dying, who was actually a beggar, of cholera, which was not actually cholera. If we add to all this the fact that his aristocrat wife was taking care of him, who didn't have a drop of blue blood in her veins, it becomes obvious, that someone owes you some serious explaining. Therefore we explain that our patient is a man in his thirties of the name Charles Lafarge. His wife on the other hand is Mary.

MARCH 2011 - Making your site assesment work for you - Dave Johansen

A while ago, I mentioned that the pre-project walk through is a critical part to the whole project success. I mean to focus on the aspects of CCTV project involvement with this entry.

MARCH 2011 - TAPA EMEA’s views on the EU’s new secure parking resolution - TAPA EMEA

Towards the end of last year, the European Union adopted a new resolution on preventing and combating road freight crime and providing secure truck parking areas. Vigilant asks Luc Van Herck, Trucking Security Requirements Lead for TAPA EMEA for his views on the EU’s plans.