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JANUARY 2011 - Retail industry in Russia – key operational and security challenges- Dmitry Budanov

Needless to say that retail (specifically FMCG) is perhaps one of the most operationally sophisticated businesses in terms of complexity of risks, size, vulnerabilities and exposures. This article will be focused on three main issues: environment, major security challenges and future trends in retail industry in Russia. Here is some statistics.

JANUARY 2011 - Expectations management - how to succeed in business - Dave Johansen

A while ago, I mentioned that it is imperative to deliver your services as promised while using excellent communication with your customers. This concept is expectations management. We all know that we meet and discuss our jobs with our customers. We all know that the jobs end and there is some perception of us by our customers. The positive perception is what we seek. It is like getting a bonus. It creates a likelihood of repeat business that now costs less because, the burden of ‘selling ourselves” has already been completed.

JANUARY 2011 - Are truck convoys an effective risk management tool? - TAPA EMEA

Intelligence data clearly shows that some 70% of cargo crime occurs when a truck is parked. This creates what Stuart described as a ‘target risk environment’ with plenty of physical cover often further enhanced for criminals by poor location choice and poor vehicle security.

JANUARY 2011 - Can prawns be dangerous? Bacterial and viral diseases. - Anna Avraham

It is delicious, easy to prepare, does not make fat when grilled. It can be served in many ways… how can it be dangerous? The answer seems to be simple. A good prawn is not bad. It is bad only when it is bad! In this article I will try to present pathogenic factors which we can occur while breeding, collecting, storing and processing them. Not so long ago frutti di mare was in Poland an extravagant and exotic dish. A tradition to eat such food did not exist in Central and Eastern Europe.

JANUARY 2011 - About trainings in security branch - SASMA Team

Today world of ‘professionals’ from every branch of economic life needs constant qualifying. It is the same, and should be, in the security ‘world’ that is close to me. Constant trainings of people professionally dealing with securing health, life and property ought to be a necessity for being permitted to work in this branch.


You have to practice a special state of mind, body and soul that is called: NO SURRENDER ATTITUDE. That means that you will never stop fighting, moving, attacking, even when you receive a blow from an attacker, you must ignore it and fight further as nothing had happened to you. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you will let someone kick/punch/grab/ hold… you. The point is that when a blow or something painful is receive you must ignore pain, blow and must not make a painful sounds like aaahhh, oooo, auuuu and so, you must not take a look to the injured or painful spot or reach to that spot with your arms. The most fatal mistake